Shoes shoes and more SHOES!

I’m sure I am not the only person who spends hours on end browsing the Internet for the best fashion deals and steals. However, this time I decided to look around for the most amazing shoes I could find that I want to add to my closet…shoes I could only dream of affording one day.


I have a guilty pleasure for OUTRAGEOUS shoes, especially if they have the name Jeffrey Campbell on them. These Night Litas are amazing! Plus, who can say that they’ve rocked a heel-less shoe before? Not me…not yet.


Another Jeffrey Campbell shoe, these Black Spike Litas are great for giving some grunginess to any look. The spikes on the heel definitely give personality to your outfit. Try mixing a shoe like this with some feminine pieces, like a flowy blouse, and complete it with a black leather skirt. Mixing and matching hard and soft pieces will give some much-needed dimension and variety to your look.


ADORABLE! This Handcar Regatta Heel is such an precious little bootie-heel. The black lace mixed with that cute black bow is a nice feminine detail that can really complete a look. You can also add it to any outfit that is in need of some finishing touches. (I have always considered shoes to be your best and most valuable accessories in your closet.) Just like jewelry, they add personality to whatever outfit you wear them with and can make a powerful statement.


There we go…now I’m finally moving away from the dark colors and moving on to a platform wedge – the Makes Me Blush Wedge. Adorable name, right? This baby-pink shoe, although it is not black, gray, or beige, can actually serve as a neutral. In this sense, this wedge serves the opposite purpose as the ones before it. If you already have a look that is very busy with either intricate patterns or bright, vibrant colors, use this toned-down shoe to counter those busy elements to create balance in your outfit.


OH MY GOODNESS POP-FACTOR! This Mease heel from ALDO is simply adorable! In store, this heel is a neon-yellow (a HUGE trend this season). Nothing says vibrancy and personality like a neon shoe! And the best part is, this shoe comes in lots of other colors including…

PINK! What else could a girl ask for, right?

Anyhoo, those are all of my Fab Finds that I have for today. If I had a million dollars, I would shamelessly say I’d spend it all on shoes! (And skirts…and dresses…)

As always, have a lovely day!


Easy tips to DE-STRESS during finals week

It’s that time of year again…the week when we lock ourselves in our dorms, studying for hours on end, eating nothing but microwavables and glugging down more than our body weight in caffeinated beverages.


I am definitely an offender when it comes to over-stressing during this time of year. I am one of those types of students who cranks out work weeks in advance so I can clear out my schedule so I can just study for finals. I’m one of those super-crazy-organized-perfectionist-types. But just because it’s finals week doesn’t mean you have to go absolutely crazy and lose control of your ultimate goal: SUMMER.

Here are some handy-dandy tips to keep you on track and to de-stress from the dreaded finals week…

1) Take some time and BREATHE.

We are always so hyped-up with all of what we have to do to prepare that we barely take time to just sit and chill out. Meditation is a great way to relax and clear your head, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Try taking long, deep breathes, holding them in your lungs for a few seconds and then releasing slowly. Another good way to meditate is through Yoga (my personal favorite method!) It’s a great workout that also allows your mind and body to take a little break from all the Finals anxiety.

2) Clean up the clutter.

When we spend so much time focusing our attention on our exams, we tend to forget to keep our environments we work in tip-top-n’-tidy shape. If your room has suddenly transformed from your humble abode to a rat’s nest, take some time off from studying those math problems and clean up a little bit. I am a believer that if your surroundings are clean and organized, that you will feel a lot more secure and relaxed about your studies.

3) Exercise!

This is one of my favorite ways to de-stress. Exercising is the perfect way to release some endorphins (the hormones that make you feel GOOD!) and to break a good, healthy sweat. If your school has a gym, HIT IT UP! I for one love going outside for a nice, long run if the weather is nice. You can blast some pump-up music to really get you in the mood to pound the pavement. (I will admit that I can only run to dub-step music…no judging!) Ask around to see what running paths are available for you.

4) Plan it out!

I am definitely what is considered the ‘Super-Organized’ type. I love writing out schedules for myself, setting times for different tasks and assignments so I always feel on top of my game. As tedious as it may seem to write out each and every assignment you need to finish before the semester ends, it is a good way to put the next few weeks in perspective. Even if you are hesitant to dive head-first into your workload, the feeling of checking off something off of your list and that feeling of accomplishment will definitely carry you through these stressful times.

5) Fight those munchies.

Do you have a strange tendency to snack whenever you are feeling stressed? ME TOO! Although our little packs of coconut M&Ms may certainly be the best de-stresser of all time, we have to not let the next few weeks completely sabotage our diets. Again, like I said before, it is a good idea to plan your meals/snacks out – planning out healthy options that will fuel your brain and not take it on a sugar high. And another good tip for fighting the munchies is DRINK WATER. Even if you are not feeling thirsty, go refill your bottle. If you feel that sudden urge to snack, swigging down some ice cold water will help to fight that feeling. Another rule to keep in mind is to eat when you are hungry. I know this sounds really simple, but it is harder than you think! It is something that I am personally working on myself, with much success!


Don’t let these next few weeks bring you down! I know all of my followers are intelligent, chic collegians who are destined for success! Remember, success is not the position you stand, but the direction in which you look. Keep that in mind as you move forward.

As always, have a lovely day!

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Good morning everyone!

After a long weekend of gorgeous weather, Mother Nature is giving us some rain… But that’s no excuse to lag on your wardrobe! Time to whip out the rain gear! (And by “rain gear” I mean super-cute rain boots!)

This morning was my weekly ritual of Mad Men Mondays, where I watch the latest episode of Mad Men that aired the night before as soon as I wake up. Mad Men is one of my favorite shows…I mean, come on? THE FASHION! If I were to live in any other decade it would most definitely be in the 60s. Every time I watch Mad Men I am dyyyying to wear their outfits.

(P.S. sorry for the bad lighting. Dorm rooms aren’t really the best place to take photos. The light changes CONSTANTLY!)

Today’s dress was inspired by one of my favorite characters on the show, Peggy Olsen.

This outfit she is wearing in this picture in particular is the one I drew inspiration from. Except I made it rain-ready:

I call this my ‘Peggy-Olsen-dress’ because it resembles the outfit she is wearing in the picture above. Both of our outfits are black with that adorable beige bow detail that gives any outfit that cutsie-feminine-feel.

To make my outfit rain-ready, I am sporting my red Hunter boots. These boots have lasted me for 2 years, and they were definitely a good investment. Plus, they come in SO many cute colors! As I’ve said before in my previous posts, in any outfit, it is good to have at least one focal point of vibrant color. That way, your outfit is not too dull, but just colorful enough that you add some ‘pop-factor’. Haha, I like that word…’pop-factor’… I’ll keep that one in the good ol’ memory banks 😉

I am also sporting one of my favorite rings that I get the most compliments for whenever I wear it.

YES IT’S A TURTLE! Isn’t he super-cute? I have yet to name him though…that may take a while. I’m very picky. But this little guy has been one of my favorite rings in my collection and has generated the most attention. Funny thing is…he came from Chico’s! Normally I would steer away from Chico’s because it seems a little ‘old-ladyish’ but the reason I go in there with my mom is for the JEWELRY! Seriously, you should go in there, you will surely be amazed with what you find.


Dress: Forever21

Belt: Francesca’s Collections

Boots: Shoe Market in Hingham

Ring: Chico’s


As always, have a lovely day!

The Earth laughs in flowers…

Good morning everyone!

Once again, it is supposed to reach a high of 80 degrees in Norton. If this is what it’s like now in April, I can’t imagine what summer is going to bring. It will be a SMOLDERING summer this year. Considering we had barely any snow over the winter.

At this time of year, when the weather is this beautiful, what you should really be wearing is color, color, and more COLOR! The spring calls for vibrant patterns, which is most definitely the popular trend nowadays.

For me, today I have decided to embrace my inner spring child and rock what else? FLORAL.

Okay, I will admit, I am not one to wear anything with legs. I’m a hard-core lover of skirts and dresses. Being a girlie-girl never goes out of style. My closet consists of skirts and dresses of all sorts of patterns, colors, and fits. (Maybe one day I’ll do a closet tour?)

If you go for a bold pattern like my floral skirt, try to balance that with a neutral top, or vise versa. Too much pattern can be overwhelming…the eye won’t know where to look! You can always bedazzle yourself up with jewels or rock an awesome shoe.

These are those new crochet TOMS that I have been absolutely LOVING. They are so chic, and come in a wide array of colors that are perfect for the spring. I got mine in coral.


Floral skirt: Francesca’s Collections

Navy v-neck: Old Navy

Diamond locket: LOFT

Coral crochet TOMS: Nordstroms


As always, have a lovely day!


Happy Monday everyone!

My goodness…today in Norton, Massachusetts it is going to be hitting a high of about 82 degrees! That’s crazy considering the weather has been plateauing in the 50s for the past few weeks. Good ol’ Northeastern weather…always unpredictable.


But goodness gracious…it’s HOT! At my school, we don’t have AC in most of the dorms. Looks like I will be putting the fan on full-blast all day.


But today is the day I’ve been waiting for all week. Recently, I had taken a trip to Thayer Street in Providence, RI with my gal-pals and we decided to hit up the boutiques. (Typical…) I found this dress from Jack of BB Dakota. It was adorable, it fit like a glove, both of my friends didn’t want to see me leave without it, but it was nearly 70 bucks…YIKES!

But recently, I was cruising around and guess what I found? The same dress…but nearly $30 off!!!

This morning when I got my email from the Post Office saying a package has arrived for me, I immediately went to pick it up. AND…

It fit like a glove! I’m a huge fan of bright colors, and with this gorgeous weather I’m definitely going to embrace it! I am a HUGE fan of this dress because even in a size small, it fits my torso perfectly and flows away in a lovely A-line which flatters my figure (rocking a pear shape!) I paired it with my red TOMS, which for the price of around 50 dollars seems a bit much, but when you think about the cause it is supporting, it makes the purchase worthwhile. Plus…THEY’RE SUPERCUTE.

For those of you who want to snag this adorable little number…I’m going to give you the links. I’ll be listing links to the items I am wearing in my posts and at what store/website I bought them at.

Yellow/Blue Striped Dress (shown in size small): Urban Outfitters

Red TOMS: Nordstroms

As always, have a lovely week!