Happy Monday everyone!

My goodness…today in Norton, Massachusetts it is going to be hitting a high of about 82 degrees! That’s crazy considering the weather has been plateauing in the 50s for the past few weeks. Good ol’ Northeastern weather…always unpredictable.


But goodness gracious…it’s HOT! At my school, we don’t have AC in most of the dorms. Looks like I will be putting the fan on full-blast all day.


But today is the day I’ve been waiting for all week. Recently, I had taken a trip to Thayer Street in Providence, RI with my gal-pals and we decided to hit up the boutiques. (Typical…) I found this dress from Jack of BB Dakota. It was adorable, it fit like a glove, both of my friends didn’t want to see me leave without it, but it was nearly 70 bucks…YIKES!

But recently, I was cruising around UrbanOutfitters.com and guess what I found? The same dress…but nearly $30 off!!!

This morning when I got my email from the Post Office saying a package has arrived for me, I immediately went to pick it up. AND…

It fit like a glove! I’m a huge fan of bright colors, and with this gorgeous weather I’m definitely going to embrace it! I am a HUGE fan of this dress because even in a size small, it fits my torso perfectly and flows away in a lovely A-line which flatters my figure (rocking a pear shape!) I paired it with my red TOMS, which for the price of around 50 dollars seems a bit much, but when you think about the cause it is supporting, it makes the purchase worthwhile. Plus…THEY’RE SUPERCUTE.

For those of you who want to snag this adorable little number…I’m going to give you the links. I’ll be listing links to the items I am wearing in my posts and at what store/website I bought them at.

Yellow/Blue Striped Dress (shown in size small): Urban Outfitters

Red TOMS: Nordstroms

As always, have a lovely week!


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