April Showers Bring May Flowers

Good morning everyone!

After a long weekend of gorgeous weather, Mother Nature is giving us some rain… But that’s no excuse to lag on your wardrobe! Time to whip out the rain gear! (And by “rain gear” I mean super-cute rain boots!)

This morning was my weekly ritual of Mad Men Mondays, where I watch the latest episode of Mad Men that aired the night before as soon as I wake up. Mad Men is one of my favorite shows…I mean, come on? THE FASHION! If I were to live in any other decade it would most definitely be in the 60s. Every time I watch Mad Men I am dyyyying to wear their outfits.

(P.S. sorry for the bad lighting. Dorm rooms aren’t really the best place to take photos. The light changes CONSTANTLY!)

Today’s dress was inspired by one of my favorite characters on the show, Peggy Olsen.

This outfit she is wearing in this picture in particular is the one I drew inspiration from. Except I made it rain-ready:

I call this my ‘Peggy-Olsen-dress’ because it resembles the outfit she is wearing in the picture above. Both of our outfits are black with that adorable beige bow detail that gives any outfit that cutsie-feminine-feel.

To make my outfit rain-ready, I am sporting my red Hunter boots. These boots have lasted me for 2 years, and they were definitely a good investment. Plus, they come in SO many cute colors! As I’ve said before in my previous posts, in any outfit, it is good to have at least one focal point of vibrant color. That way, your outfit is not too dull, but just colorful enough that you add some ‘pop-factor’. Haha, I like that word…’pop-factor’… I’ll keep that one in the good ol’ memory banks 😉

I am also sporting one of my favorite rings that I get the most compliments for whenever I wear it.

YES IT’S A TURTLE! Isn’t he super-cute? I have yet to name him though…that may take a while. I’m very picky. But this little guy has been one of my favorite rings in my collection and has generated the most attention. Funny thing is…he came from Chico’s! Normally I would steer away from Chico’s because it seems a little ‘old-ladyish’ but the reason I go in there with my mom is for the JEWELRY! Seriously, you should go in there, you will surely be amazed with what you find.


Dress: Forever21

Belt: Francesca’s Collections

Boots: Shoe Market in Hingham

Ring: Chico’s


As always, have a lovely day!


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