Easy tips to DE-STRESS during finals week

It’s that time of year again…the week when we lock ourselves in our dorms, studying for hours on end, eating nothing but microwavables and glugging down more than our body weight in caffeinated beverages.


I am definitely an offender when it comes to over-stressing during this time of year. I am one of those types of students who cranks out work weeks in advance so I can clear out my schedule so I can just study for finals. I’m one of those super-crazy-organized-perfectionist-types. But just because it’s finals week doesn’t mean you have to go absolutely crazy and lose control of your ultimate goal: SUMMER.

Here are some handy-dandy tips to keep you on track and to de-stress from the dreaded finals week…

1) Take some time and BREATHE.

We are always so hyped-up with all of what we have to do to prepare that we barely take time to just sit and chill out. Meditation is a great way to relax and clear your head, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Try taking long, deep breathes, holding them in your lungs for a few seconds and then releasing slowly. Another good way to meditate is through Yoga (my personal favorite method!) It’s a great workout that also allows your mind and body to take a little break from all the Finals anxiety.

2) Clean up the clutter.

When we spend so much time focusing our attention on our exams, we tend to forget to keep our environments we work in tip-top-n’-tidy shape. If your room has suddenly transformed from your humble abode to a rat’s nest, take some time off from studying those math problems and clean up a little bit. I am a believer that if your surroundings are clean and organized, that you will feel a lot more secure and relaxed about your studies.

3) Exercise!

This is one of my favorite ways to de-stress. Exercising is the perfect way to release some endorphins (the hormones that make you feel GOOD!) and to break a good, healthy sweat. If your school has a gym, HIT IT UP! I for one love going outside for a nice, long run if the weather is nice. You can blast some pump-up music to really get you in the mood to pound the pavement. (I will admit that I can only run to dub-step music…no judging!) Ask around to see what running paths are available for you.

4) Plan it out!

I am definitely what is considered the ‘Super-Organized’ type. I love writing out schedules for myself, setting times for different tasks and assignments so I always feel on top of my game. As tedious as it may seem to write out each and every assignment you need to finish before the semester ends, it is a good way to put the next few weeks in perspective. Even if you are hesitant to dive head-first into your workload, the feeling of checking off something off of your list and that feeling of accomplishment will definitely carry you through these stressful times.

5) Fight those munchies.

Do you have a strange tendency to snack whenever you are feeling stressed? ME TOO! Although our little packs of coconut M&Ms may certainly be the best de-stresser of all time, we have to not let the next few weeks completely sabotage our diets. Again, like I said before, it is a good idea to plan your meals/snacks out – planning out healthy options that will fuel your brain and not take it on a sugar high. And another good tip for fighting the munchies is DRINK WATER. Even if you are not feeling thirsty, go refill your bottle. If you feel that sudden urge to snack, swigging down some ice cold water will help to fight that feeling. Another rule to keep in mind is to eat when you are hungry. I know this sounds really simple, but it is harder than you think! It is something that I am personally working on myself, with much success!


Don’t let these next few weeks bring you down! I know all of my followers are intelligent, chic collegians who are destined for success! Remember, success is not the position you stand, but the direction in which you look. Keep that in mind as you move forward.

As always, have a lovely day!


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