Shoes shoes and more SHOES!

I’m sure I am not the only person who spends hours on end browsing the Internet for the best fashion deals and steals. However, this time I decided to look around for the most amazing shoes I could find that I want to add to my closet…shoes I could only dream of affording one day.


I have a guilty pleasure for OUTRAGEOUS shoes, especially if they have the name Jeffrey Campbell on them. These Night Litas are amazing! Plus, who can say that they’ve rocked a heel-less shoe before? Not me…not yet.


Another Jeffrey Campbell shoe, these Black Spike Litas are great for giving some grunginess to any look. The spikes on the heel definitely give personality to your outfit. Try mixing a shoe like this with some feminine pieces, like a flowy blouse, and complete it with a black leather skirt. Mixing and matching hard and soft pieces will give some much-needed dimension and variety to your look.


ADORABLE! This Handcar Regatta Heel is such an precious little bootie-heel. The black lace mixed with that cute black bow is a nice feminine detail that can really complete a look. You can also add it to any outfit that is in need of some finishing touches. (I have always considered shoes to be your best and most valuable accessories in your closet.) Just like jewelry, they add personality to whatever outfit you wear them with and can make a powerful statement.


There we go…now I’m finally moving away from the dark colors and moving on to a platform wedge – the Makes Me Blush Wedge. Adorable name, right? This baby-pink shoe, although it is not black, gray, or beige, can actually serve as a neutral. In this sense, this wedge serves the opposite purpose as the ones before it. If you already have a look that is very busy with either intricate patterns or bright, vibrant colors, use this toned-down shoe to counter those busy elements to create balance in your outfit.


OH MY GOODNESS POP-FACTOR! This Mease heel from ALDO is simply adorable! In store, this heel is a neon-yellow (a HUGE trend this season). Nothing says vibrancy and personality like a neon shoe! And the best part is, this shoe comes in lots of other colors including…

PINK! What else could a girl ask for, right?

Anyhoo, those are all of my Fab Finds that I have for today. If I had a million dollars, I would shamelessly say I’d spend it all on shoes! (And skirts…and dresses…)

As always, have a lovely day!


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