How to Style Your Shape

Hey guys! It’s been a while, but I am ready to offer you all some advice and key tips on styling yourself based on your shape. We all worry whether or not we are dressing ourselves properly based on our specific body types, and trust me, there are some people out there who have definitely missed the mark. But you should not let the fear of your own body’s shape distress you!

Every woman’s body is beautiful. Beauty is not dependent on shape or size, even though society nowadays seems to believe that is the case.

So here’s the deal – there are 4 basic body types that women could be: Apples, Pears, Hourglasses, and Rectangles.

Let’s start with apples:


Women who carry most of their weight in their midsection are classified as having an apple body shape. This imbalance can make you look shorter and wider. In order to counteract it, you must minimize your midsection and showcase your amazing legs.

Wardrobe Essentials:

  • A-line shifts
  • Short skirts
  • Blouses with a gently-curved waistline
  • Wrap shirts and dresses
  • Single-button jackets
  • Pants that flare at the leg or wide-legged trousers
  • Long-fitted shirts and sweaters that disguise a fuller midsection


  • Bold-patterned tops
  • Shiny fabrics
  • Short jackets and sweaters that skim the waist
  • Tapered pants like capris or skinny jeans
  • ANYTHING with shoulder pads
  • Chunky knits

Neckline: Cowl neck, scoop, or V-neck

Dress: An empire-waist dress that falls just below your bust that flares with an A-line skirt

Jeans: Trouser-cut jeans with a higher waistband and a simple straight leg.

Bathing suits: Either a one-piece with a deep, plunging neckline to create a defined waist, or a bikini with a solid top and a colorful bottom. (Ruffles, bows, and ties on bikini bottoms also work great with apples).

I hope this helps all of you apples out there! I will be continuing this series with the version for pear shapes…get excited!

As always, have a lovely day!


My Week in NYC Part 2

Hey guys!

My week in NYC was absolutely amazing… but alas, now I am back in good ol’ Massachusetts where the weather is nothing but rainy.

But the rest of my week in NYC was splendid! The weather was gorgeous throughout the week, which made my next few adventures a lot more enjoyable!

Cafe Reggio

“The Home of the Original Cappuccino” is such a cute little cafe for a quick, authentic Italian coffee. The environment is very much inspired by the coffeehouses in Italy, with beautiful paintings and sculptures that resemble famous works by Italian artists. It has been around since 1927 and is one of the most popular cafes in Greenwich Village, so it is definitely a must when you visit there.

Siggy’s Good Food


This little restaurant in Brooklyn is home to cuisine that is 100% organic and made with only pure, clean & whole foods ingredients. (Since I am a health-food fanatic, this place definitely spoke my language). They get their ingredients from local farmers to ensure its freshness, making their food not only healthy but DELICIOUS! They also accommodate for all sorts of dietary restrictions, including vegetarian and gluten free. Even their wine and beer is organic!

Eric and I just had some of their “Snacks” for lunch, but they were SO GOOD. I had Quinoa and Spinach cakes topped with an organic salsa, while Eric had a hummus dish with ciabatta bread. Let me just say, whatever was in that hummus…it was magical!

Brooklyn Heights

Ahhhh, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Where do I start? This third-of-a-mile stretch is a pathway on the edge of Brooklyn that gives you a picture-perfect view lower Manhattan, South Street Seaport, the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge. It was such a gorgeous day, the sun was shining, not a cloud in sight, and I must say…it definitely makes for a really romantic spot. 😉

High Line

Again with the romantic pathways… Last January when I came to NYC, Eric took me to the High Line, which is a 1 mile long linear park that was originally a section of the former elevated New York Central Railroad which runs along the lower west side of Manhattan. Since it was in the middle of winter, the plants that gardens were a little lack-luster. I was promised that in the summer, the High Line gardens would be brought to life…and it definitely was. Eric and I walked along and I was amazed at how much the gardens had grown since my last visit and how much more alive the pathway had become. More and more businesses and food carts have been placed along the Highline, allowing for passersby to grab a quick coffee or yummy fro-yo as they continue on their path.

The flowers are simply gorgeous…I REEEEEAAALLY recommend it.

I’m really going to miss NYC…it is one of my favorite places in the world. The city that never sleeps. But after a long 4-hour train ride, I’m happy to be back home. But now…I must organize my upstairs…I still haven’t organized my crap from my move home from college, YIKES!

As always, have a lovely day!

My Week in NYC Part 1

Hey guys! Finals week is over WOOHOO! My boyfriend and I had our last final on the very last day of finals week at 2:30 pm. And by then…the entire campus was dead. But after a long drive we finally made it to NYC! I will be staying here for about a week to celebrate Eric’s (my boyfriend) birthday.

So while I am here I will be blogging about all of the amazing restaurants, shops, boutiques, etc that I find here in NYC. I’ve only been here about 2 days, and I already have so much to talk about!

David’s Tea

This cute little tea shop is on 275 Bleecker St (between Jones St & Morton St) in Manhattan in the West Village. They were having a special for Mother’s Day where they were giving away free tea to any mothers. So sweet!

But this place was so adorable. They are reasonably priced, and they have an amazing selection of teas. Some of the standouts I saw were Pumpkin Chai, Ice Cream Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, and … Swampwater? Yuck-a-doo.

When you walk in, the shop resembles a bar with dozens and DOZENS of teas for you to choose from. And the workers let you choose whichever tea you want and smell them (which explains why we ended up staying so long!)

If you are an extreme tea-lover who wants high-quality tea for a reasonable price, David’s is the place to be. They even sell their own tea accessories like tea sets, pitchers, infusers, mugs, you name it!

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What Size Am I?

Hello there my lovely followers! I’m sorry I’ve been so out of the loop lately. This week has been ridden with finals and lots and lots of STRESS!

EEK. Finals.

But I feel bad that I haven’t blogged in a while. So to prove to you that I am still alive and well…I am posting a Fab Find!

While scoping Reddit (yes, my boyfriend has officially made me a Redditer…) I stumbled upon a subreddit known as FemaleFashionAdvice. AMAZING. And in my loitering, I found a nifty little site that I think you ladies will thank me for posting.

It’s called What Size Am I? It is a handy-dandy chart where you enter your bust, waist, and hip measurements, and on the right-hand column it will tell you exactly what sizes you should buy in tops, jeans, dresses, etc for all of your favorite stores. (H&M, Forever21, Gap, and MOREMOREMORE!)

As they say on the site, finding clothes that fit you shouldn’t be so hard. This chart is great for those of you like me who want to find clothes that are meant to fit your body’s natural shape. I have yet to really experiment with this site, so let me know in the comments below how it works out for you!

But as always, have a lovely day!