A Week of Fun Outfits!

Hello everyone! Hope you all have been having a good week!

Wow it’s been crazy here for the past week! My younger cousin Emma, my aunt and my grandmother stayed at our house and it was our mission to hit every major shopping center we know in MA before they had to fly back out to Georgia. We went out to Wrentham Outlets, Derby Street Shoppes, Natick Collections, The Hingham Shipyard, and a lot more. I definitely did not have any time at all to blog except very late at night and early in the morning.

The weather this week has been quite dreadful to be quite honest. In my area of Massachusetts the weather has been rainy and below 60 degrees for a few days! WHAT IS GOING ON?! Isn’t it June?

But anyhoo, I have noticed that I haven’t been doing any outfits of the day lately…and that is probably due to the fact that I am forgetting to upload all of the outfit photos that I have been taking with my iPhone. Yikes!

The following is a slew of old iPhone photos of outfits that I took from the time I was at school to today. I hope you enjoy!

Outfit 1

Dress: Forever21

Belt: Francesca’s Collections

Shoes: TOMS

Necklace: Francesca’s Collections

Outfit 2

Dress: TJ Maxx

Cardigan: New York and Company

Belt: Kohl’s

Shoes: TOMS

Outfit 3

Dress: Ann Taylor LOFT

Boots: Vera Wang

Belt: Kohl’s

Outfit 4

V-Neck shirt: Old Navy

Skirt: Francesca’s Collections

Belt: Francesca’s Collections

Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Phew! Finally got all of those outfits up. Hopefully now I can continue on with my body shape posts without the guilt of not posting OOTDs. Hopefully once the weather here in Massachusetts hits above 70 degrees then I will post more season-appropriate outfits and will post them more frequently. But until then…

…have a lovely day!

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