How to Style Your Shape (continued…)

Hey everybody! Here again is another installment of my series of how to dress for your particular body shape!

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Our focus today is the hourglass shape!


Women who have an hourglass figure are blessed with symmetrical curves, with an exaggerated bust and hip line. Hourglasses also have narrow waists which gives them that va-va-voom factor. The goal for women with hourglass figures is to show off their waists, which become the focal point of their outfits.

Wardrobe Essentials:

  • A supportive bra (please…this is a MUST!)
  • Wrap tops that nip at the waist
  • Belted jackets and coats
  • High-waisted pants


  • Shift or trapeze dresses that hide your amazing shape (Don’t hide it! Flaunt it!)
  • Any styles that over-emphasize your hips (ex: a gathered skirt)

Neckline: V-necks, off-the shoulder, portrait, sweetheart

Dress: Sheath dresses, styles with princess-seamed bodices, and wrap dresses

Jeans: Higher-rise jeans that prevent gaping at the waist that flare at the leg

Bathing suits: A suit with a halter-top or bandeau with a high-waisted bottom

3 down…1 more to go! The final edition of HTSYS will be for those women with a ruler shape

As always, have a lovely day!


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