The Trend: Statement Necklaces

Hello everyone!

One of this year’s most popular trends is the bold statement necklace. Why settle for small, lackluster jewelry when you can go all out? It is the perfect finishing touch to an outfit that needs a little more pop-factor. And it can become a great focal point for any outfit…especially a nice LBD (Little Black Dress).

Here is my ever-growing collection of statement necklaces:

Francesca’s Collections

This is one of my absolute favorite necklaces I own. I love to pair it with a LBD or some of my collared dresses to give them a preppy, professional feel.


This necklace I actually bought for my senior prom! I wore it with a Maxx Studio long, body-hugging black V-neck dress with knotted shoulders. It was the perfect accessory for a perfect night. 🙂

Francesca’s Collections

This was bought during my (ongoing!) obsession with the color orange. I have no idea how I all of a sudden became so enamored by the color. If I were to wear this, I would pair it with other bright colors to create a color-blocked look. (Another big trend this season!)

Francesca’s Collections

Again with the bright colors! Perfect for color blocking. I just love having that pop-factor that can really enliven an outfit and give it some personality. Plus, it’s yellow, the perfect color to brighten your day.

Ann Taylor LOFT

I bought this at the LOFT Outlet at the Wrentham Outlets in Wrentham, MA. If you haven’t been there, and you live in Massachusetts, it is an absolute must! They have dozens of outlets with such amazing deals and steals on your favorite brands!

American Eagle Outfitters

This necklace was bought a LONG time ago, back when I used to shop at American Eagle. I used to be really into their clothes, but as I’ve aged, I’ve realized that they are really marketing towards a younger generation than my own. However, I do go in there, time to time, to stock up on some cute jewelry 😉

Hand-made by…yours truly.

This necklace was actually made by me when I was at school. I have always wanted to make my own jewelry that wasn’t too heavy or bulky but still made the statement that I wanted in my accessories. It is made with ribbon, soft felt (a good feel against your skin), and pre-made flowers I bought from Michael’s.

I’ve secretly have always wanted to make jewelry as a little side-job. If I had people who wanted necklaces like this one, I’d be more than happy to make them, and in whatever styles and colors were desired. (A little self-promotion never hurts?) 😉


Anyhoo, I hope you have become inspired to pull out some of those chunky, colorful, and fantastic statement necklaces out of your jewelry boxes, and to flaunt that neck-candy!

As always, have a lovely day!


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