Hello lovelies…and Happy Father’s Day!

This weekend I have returned to one of my favorite pastimes, “Online Window Shopping”. This is when I look on random clothing stores’ websites at all of their stuff with no intention of buying anything. I’ve been watching my wallet, making sure that I don’t spend money on things unless I am truly in need of them. And trust me…it has not been the easiest practice to follow…

But one of the websites that I never grow tired of scavenging is

ModCloth is an American online retailer that is based in Pittsburgh, PA that is a hub of vintage-inspired and indie clothing, accessories, and decor. It is truly amazing. And while scowering the site, I decided to pick out some of my favorite vintage-y pieces for a new Fab Finds!

Classic Twist Dress (Black)


This dress just SCREAMS Audrey Hepburn with a modern-day twist. The dress has the perfect mix of elegance, sophistication, with a touch of sexiness with the half-open back. This is the perfect dress for pear-shapes, if you are looking to enhance a smaller bust and torso and hide your lower half with this fit-and-flare style.

Daisy Day In Dress


Okay, I know for some of you, that yellow bow may be a turn-off…but in my mind…this dress is SIMPLY ADORABLE! I have been accused by my boss of having a “Rachel Berry-esque” style, so it wouldn’t surprise her if I were to walk in one day wearing this dress. I could picture our favorite Broadway-bound Glee club member rocking this number, what do you think? This dress was designed by the British sister/designer duo Trollied Dolly. The big yellow bow is a bold, adorable accent to the bust that draws your attention upward towards the face. This accent, paired with the daisy-flower pattern can brighten up anybody’s day!

Flight as Can Be Dress


Can you tell I have a thing for bows? They are kind of my weakness. I am in love with late 50s and 60s fashion, and those bow details have become an inspiration for a lot of my day-to-day outfits these days. This little dress is the perfect way to incorporate vintage fashion into your spring/summer wardrobe. The thin material is perfect for the warmer temperatures, as is the length and cap-sleeve. The dress is detailed with small white and red birds, accompanied by a Peter Pan collar with a bow detail. So cute!

You Are Cherry Welcome Dress


Ah…I can just picture wearing this dress, walking into my fully-furnished dream kitchen on a sunny afternoon, and baking endless amounts of cherry pie. I’d have my hair in a 60s-style updo with that pin-up makeup look, finished with fire engine red lipstick. Ah, what a wonderful life…

Woops! Off track now! This dress has such a spunky and unique pattern, you’d definitely be the center of attention anywhere you’d go. Again, similarly to the first two dresses, this dress accentuates your torso and flares out at the waist in a gorgeous A-line skirt. A nice twist to this dress is that the shoulder straps criss-cross in the back, giving you even MORE wow-factor.

Sleek It Out Dress (Cherry Red)


As they say in the Victoria’s Secret commercials…Hello Bombshell! This dress is made to make a powerful statement in any woman’s wardrobe. You will definitely be the center of attention at any venue strutting your stuff in this body-hugging number. What makes this cut even more flattering are the seams that are tailored to accentuate the curves of the female body, making you even more red hot! Try not to burn anyone on your way to your seat, hun.


Those are some of my top picks from ModCloth’s Vintage Collection! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these picks, and that you’re inspired to incorporate some of your own vintage styles to enhance your summer wardrobe.

As always, have a lovely day!


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