Fab and Fashionable Flats!

Not all of us are the biggest heel enthusiasts, and I’m sure our poor feet can speak to that! Sometimes, on a laid-back summer day, you just want to slip on a nice pair of flats. Here are some more Fab Finds!

Steve Madden Women’s Shoes, Studlyy Flats – $105

f you’re looking for a cool way to create that cool, grungy look, try these studded black flats and pair them with a leather jacket and some black skinny jeans. Make sure to incorporate some color somewhere in there!


TOMS Linen Classic Tangerine – $48

Oh…my beloved orange. How I adore thee… Orange has got to be one of my favorite colors of the season. It used to turn me off back in the day, but the color can be so vibrant and adds that desirable pop-factor to any outfit.


Sperry Top-Sider “Authentic Original” Gold Boat Shoes – $72

Gotta have some Sperry’s! They are an essential to any shoe collection. And the added metallic gold makes them in season! The best part is, these shoes go with nearly any outfit!


Fab. Loafers Studs Beach Pink – $175

A nice girly baby-pink flat that is covered in cute little gold heart studs. It’s a sweet alternative to the sharper look of the black studded flats.


Kate Spade New York Heather – $180

The capped flat is also quite a popular fashion statement to make this year. It’s a very classic look that, when incorporated correctly, can be the finishing touch to create a lovely, preppy outfit.


Bobby Stripe Lace-Up Shoe – $95

Wowzers, look at that pattern! Talk about pop-factor! I am always an advocate of shoes making a bold statement in your outfit. Why not go all out? This black and white striped flat just screams LOOK AT ME I’M STYLISH!


TOMS ‘Classic Crochet’ Slip-On – $58

I bought these online when I was at college immediately when I saw them grace my computer screen. They are just PERFECT for the summer. TOMS never disappoints when creating comfortable, colorful, and cute shoes, and these have definitely become a staple.


TOMS Purple Glitter Slip-On Shoes – $54

I know…I know…3 TOMS? But you can’t deny the power of glitter. And while this purple may seem a little juvenile, I say, go for it! Just make sure that the rest of your outfit is toned down so that these over-the-top TOMS have room to shine.

Alrighty everyone! Hope you enjoyed looking through another Fab Finds, and feel inspired to stock up on some flats! I know I sure am!
As always, have a lovely day!

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