Featured Shop: Athleta

One of my absolute favorite places to shop when I am in need of some new workout gear that is functional, and feminine, is Athleta.

Athleta is a brand affiliated with Gap that specializes in female athletic-wear. Similarly to their sister-sites (Gap.com, OldNavy.com, and BananaRepublic.com), their webpage is easy to navigate and allows to you to pinpoint exactly what you want to buy and offers you an in-depth list of details of each piece of clothing you are purchasing. Plus, super-fast shipping!

For me, I am looking for good-quality workout gear that is durable, comfortable, and above all else, fashionable! Just because you’re at the gym or on the court doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your appearance.

The following is a list of my favorite picks from the site. I enjoy a lot of different sports, running, rowing, tennis, yoga…so this list will include items from a lot of different categories. Enjoy!

Dawn Run Jacket – $69.95

Reflective Workitout Knicker – $49.99

Lite Bright Active Dress – $89.99 (Also comes in PURPLE!)

Color blocking, even on the court. I LOVE it.

Wick-It Pull Tab Run Tank – $39

Sprint Skort – $54

Racine Ready to Run Tankini – $72

Swagger Skort – $49.99

Hope you enjoyed looking at the different outfit ideas. If you like what you see, check out Athleta.com yourself and take a look around. Happy shopping. 🙂

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