Stolen BF Tee-Shirts…

Do you ever find yourself with endless amounts of your boyfriend’s tee-shirts that have mysteriously compiled over the years that you can’t bear to let go of? Why blame yourself? They’re way more comfortable to sleep in, they have sentimental value, AND they have the most amazing, witty, and hilarious graphics on the front of them. Here are some classics that I think will put a smile on your face.

Men’s Star Wars Tee – $12.99

Do I even need to explain how amazing this shirt is? I mean…come on. It’s Star Wars. Enough said.

Men’s Humor Graphic Tee – $12.50

My boyfriend and I have discovered our shared love of sushi recently, and now I am OBSESSED with it. One week I had it for 3 dinners in a row. I maaay have a problem. Here’s another little secret that he’ll figure out once he reads this…I bought this tee-shirt for him (so that I can purposefully steal it from him later 😉 )

Men’s MLB Team Logo Tees – $19.94

This is definitely a good shirt to borrow from your guy, especially since most guys I know would love to see their girlfriends wearing their favorite team’s garb. Even if you two don’t share the same home team, wear it! (He’ll absolutely love you for it.)

Men's Batman Tee - Black.Opens in a new window

Men’s Batman Tee – $9.99

With the release of Superhero movies on the horizon in July, and the Avengers earlier this summer, Superhero tees are perfect to wear if you want to really represent for your guy’s favorite hero on a movie-date.

Men's Old School Pacman Tee - Green.Opens in a new window

Men’s Old School Pacman Tee – $9.99

Another good tee to snag from your boyfriend’s collection are any that have to do with video games. Since most of the male population have a fascination with video games, he will appreciate being able to see his favorite girl being dressed in his favorite characters.

Trust me, there’s nothing more adorable to a guy than seeing his girlfriend wearing his oversized tees. I don’t know why, that’s what I’ve been told by my male friends. So while he isn’t looking, just sneak over to his tee-shirt drawer and take a peek or two!

As always, have a lovely day!

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