6 Ways to Curb Those Cravings!


We all know the set-up. It’s 2 pm, you’re watching your favorite shows on Netflix, not a care in the world. Then…all of a sudden you realize there are some Girl Scout Thin Mints calling your name in the pantry. As much as you’ve tried to keep a healthy balance in your diet, your desire to satisfy your cravings can seem overpowering at times. What’s the secret? Well, there’s keeping yourself fuller longer by eating 5 to 6 snack-sized meals a day, but here are some additional tips for helping you to banish those cravings!

Create a distraction


Before you grab that big bag of Lays potato chips, take a second to sit down and distract yourself. Write a To-Do list, make a phone call to your friend, play dress-up with your closet, (or my personal favorite, paint your nails!) This way, your mind is swayed away from thoughts of your favorite salty snacks.

Damage-control your pantry


If you still keep a bag of chocolate-covered pretzels in your pantry, even if it’s hidden behind more healthier choices, it’s still there, and you will munch on it eventually. That’s why you should damage-control your environment by stocking your shelves with more fresh fruits and vegetables and snacks with higher protein, fiber, and healthy fats to prevent future splurging.

Always have water on hand


Most of the time, when we have cravings it is a signal to us that we are actually thirsty, not hungry. Before giving into cravings, pour yourself a glass of ice-cold water and watch your cravings diminish. You’ll be very surprised at how effective this method can be. You can even go out and buy a snazzy-chic new water bottle!

Brush your teeth


This method is an excellent way to prevent you from giving into your temptations. Just give yourself a good teeth cleaning, or even just pop a mint or a piece of minty gum. The minty taste will eliminate the desire to munch on something salty or sweet. Have you ever tried eating something immediately after brushing your teeth? YUCK-A-DOO!



One of my favorite methods to eliminate unwanted cravings is to go for a run. After I’m done with work and I have nothing to do, I once in a while will have a sudden temptation for something sweet. That’s when I normally walk across the hall to the gym and run for at least a half hour. With the rush of endorphins, you’ll feel better about yourself and your cravings will be eliminated.

Let it pass


This is probably one of the most difficult methods to getting rid of cravings. It’s all about being patient. One thing you must consider when dealing with cravings is whether or not you are actually hungry, or if you’re simply bored. Take a second, sit and think about how you are really feeling. Are you actually, physically hungry? Is your stomach growling, actively asking for food? Or are you just experiencing a craving? Waiting it out does seem frustrating, but after 5 or 10 minutes see how you feel. If you let the feeling pass, and acknowledge that it is just a craving and not an actual hunger signal, you won’t fall of the wagon!

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