How to Accessorize Your Favorite Summer Dresses!

Holy guacamole it is a hot one here in Massachusetts, with our temperatures peaking in the mid-nineties! That’s craaazy! But it is the perfect excuse to whip out your favorite summer dresses. I certainly have. 🙂 But how can you take your look to the next level? Accessorize, accessorize, ACCESSORIZE! Use these tips to create an even more put-together look with your favorite summer dresses.

Belt it!

This is something that I am constantly doing to almost every dress I wear. If you are a serial belt collector like me, you’ll have no problem using one to cinch your waist. Incorporating a belt is not only a great way to make your look more dynamic, but it also gives you a more womanly figure by accentuating your tiny middle and giving you that hourglass figure.


Putting on some gold jewelry is an amazing way to make your dress glisten in the sunlight this summer. Especially if you are rocking a tan complexion, gold will go beautifully with your entire look.

Buy some shoes with some pop-factor!

Even though we can sometimes find good steals when it comes to our summer dresses,(cough cough…Forever21), we should not skimp out on our fancy kicks! Invest in a statement shoe at places like ALDO or Bloomingdale’s. They will become a staple in your wardrobe, and you’ll definitely feel more confident as you strut your stuff!

Try out some new nail colors!

Don’t forget that your nails are just as much an accessory as a necklace or a bracelet, and can really make a statement if you choose a bold color. Lately I’ve been trying colors that I wouldn’t normally pair with some of my summer dresses, like orange. But surprisingly, these colors that are difficult to pair in an outfit add the perfect pop of color to any look. You can even try the new trend of the one nail painted a different color than the rest. Experiment! You can always buy some nail polish remover. 🙂

Add a chic hat!

With all of that sun out there, you have to be careful about how many rays you’re catching this season. A cute, floppy hat is the perfect way to prevent sunburning, or even worse, skin cancer.

Time for a tote!

Tote bags are yet another way to successfully add some color and dimension to your look while also serving a utilitarian purpose. With the so-called ‘bucket bags’ that I carry, they come in bright colors, but also manage to provide me with 24/7 access to every last item I could ever need, from chapstick to an extra pair of flats. Who doesn’t love that?

Sport some stylish shades!

Sunglasses are an essential to summer, and also help to protect your eyes from harmful rays. There are so many styles to choose from. You can go for the classic looking Ray Bands, or accessorize with a vintage pair to create a retro look. Whatever style you choose, they can help give your dresses from last summer an updated look.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these tips on how to jazz-up your favorite summer dresses! Now you can take your fabulous frocks that are already in your closet and elevate them to a whole other level of chic! What are you willing to try?

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