A Pop of Patriotism!

Fourth of July is coming up! And what better way to celebrate the birthday of the USA than to parade some of your favorite red, white, and blue looks!

If you are close to an Old Navy, GET THERE FAST! Old Navy is known for having amazing deals during this special time of year. Not only can you mix and match their clothes to make your 4th-of-July outfit, but you can also purchase one of their famous Old Navy Flag tees for just $4! They are a classic tee and are perfect for sporting your favorite flag.

If you’re anything like me, you have a large collection of Victoria’s Secret PINK gear that takes up a lot of room in your drawers. Victoria’s Secret is another store where you can find adorable tees with the cutest phrases and designs. You can pair these tees with a denim mini skirt or some daisy dukes to complete the look.


Want to soak up the summer sun on Independence Day? Try an American Flag bikini! You’ll definitely be a stand out in the crowd in your sexy swim look. Pair it with a cute floppy hat and some retro-looking shades to complete your look.


Have you ever made some DIY tie-dye shorts? It’s very easy and you can really get creative and make an outfit that no one else will have at whatever BBQs or parties you go to. Simply take a pair of white shorts and create two separate dyes: one red and one blue. dunk in each side of the short separately, and let it dry. (This should be done a few days in advance to the 4th FYI). For an added effect, glue on some star studs to really add some patriotic pop-factor to your shorts. And voila!

I blogged about these TOMS in a previous post, but honestly, what better time to invest in a cute pair that is absolutely PERFECT for the 4th of July! I know that not many people are walking around with this pair, so prepare to be a style stand out! Being unique and wearing clothes and accessories that no one else has helps you to capture the spotlight and to highlight your creativity.

Are YOU ready to cause some fireworks this 4th of July? 😉

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