Fab Finds at T.J. Maxx!

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a lovely hump-day. The weekend is now within our grasp! Have you ever gone to a store to try on clothes just for fun? I most certainly have…on multiple occasions. Even though you may get some dirty looks from the staff who manages the dressing rooms, trying on clothes just for enjoyment is quite a blast!

After work today I dilly-dallied over to my trusty T.J. Maxx and pulled out my inner Maxxinista and got to work. I am in LOVE with the dresses you can find there. Aside from Forever21, which is the store I buy most of my dresses, some of my absolute best dresses that I get the most compliments on come from there. They carry designer names for extremely low prices! Who can deny such a deal? So during my adventure through T.J. Maxx I stumbled upon some contenders…so sad to know that they will not be coming home with me. But still…taking pictures can hold the memory. 🙂

Of course I had to try on yet ANOTHER, as my boss calls them, “Rachel Berry dress”. I have a thing for polka dots and A-line cut skirts. The top was fitted and had gold metal buttons going down the top while the skirt flared out into an A-line, making it easy-breezy to wear. The top also had some cute short-sleeve cuffs that highlight smaller shoulders. SUPER CUTE!

Oh yes…any sort of dress with an opening in the back I am all for. Really, I would even go for a backless dress if I had the right occasion. I think the back is a beautiful part of the body to show off that most people don’t even think about showing. Especially if you are athletic and have some sexy muscles to show, flaunt it! This dress had a lower-back opening, so I won’t be able to flaunt any sort of back muscle there, but again, the A-line skirt and the fitted top was definitely made with a pear-shaped girl in mind. The pattern was cutsie and I never thought purple and orange would go together, but they are meshed together in this dress so well! Never let your inhibitions prevent you from experimenting with color! Mixing and matching colors in outfits is a great way to express yourself and your personality through your individual style choices.

Okay…this might be the one that broke me a bit. I ADORED this dress when I put it on. The material was an easy jersey, making it comfortable to wear and easy to move around in. And plus…it had POCKETS! I mean come on… that lone fact that the dress had pockets nearly made me break my promise not to buy anything that day. It was so perfect…and only about $14. But what really grabbed me about this dress was the pattern. The blue and purple flowers contrast so beautifully with the black background of the fabric. It certainly gives the look some pop-factor!

So those are my Fab FInds from T.J. Maxx! I hope you’ve enjoyed these looks! I certainly did. I secretly want to go back tomorrow and buy one. I am having the opposite of shoppers remorse…

Quick question of the day (I’d REALLY appreciate it if I had your input and commented on this post). If I were to go back to buy one of these three dresses, which one should I choose? (If you are wondering what they are price-wise, they range from $14-$20).

As always, have a lovely day!

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