Embrace the Color Wheel!

Wowzers! I haven’t been blogging for a while…sorry about that! Work has taken quite a toll on me and I am definitely feeling it. But now that I have a quiet Sunday all to myself, I am going to get back to what I love.

So today, we are going to talk about a great way to spice up your outfits and to really make them stand out and pop. Embracing the color wheel.

Remember this nifty little chart from your elementary school art class? Its purpose is not solely to be in the classroom! This wheel can serve as an essential tool for any fashionista who is looking to make an impact with her outfit. Another fancy term for this utilization of the color wheel is color blocking. Sound familiar? It’s one of the hottest trends today! What to keep in mind is that there are 5 different combinations that you can use when assembling colors in your outfits.

  1. Colors directly next to each other (example: red and orange)
  2. Colors that form 90 degree angles with each other (example: yellow and red-orange)
  3. Colors directly across from each other (example: blue and orange)
  4. Colors that form a T (example: blue, orange, and violet-red)
  5. Colors that form an X (example: yellow, blue-green, violet, and red-orange)

Notice that our neutrals aren’t on this color wheel? Colors like brown, black, white, and hues of blue denim go with nearly any color.

Here are some celeb examples of color blocking. Can you tell what combination each one is doing?

Carey Mulligan, Emmy Rossum, Emma Stone, Olivia Palermo


As always, have a lovely day!


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