Super-Stylized: Spider-man

Another week of inspiration from the most unexpected places. This week our theme day for the camp I work at for the summer was Superhero Day! Seeing all of the kids all dressed to perfection in their capes and masks really inspired me to create outfits that embodied the essence of some of our favorite supers…first off (my personal fave), SPIDER-MAN!
Super-Stylized: Spider-man

Denim skinny jeans
$190 –

Stretch jewelry
I decided to go for a more laid-back sort of look for Spider-man. The first piece I chose was the cobalt blue skinny jeans…which are adoooorable by the way, and totally on my own wishlist. 😉 But since I have such a fitted jean, I opted for a looser red top to balance that. And of course, you can’t go wrong with some statement jewelry. Necklace is so bold and striking. And the intricate combination of all of the different elements within the necklace makes it look almost spiderweb-like. The spider ring may make the whole “Spider-man” thing very obvious, but statement rings are my weakness! I cannot deny them! To finish it off, I chose a platform black sandal. The way that the sandal was constructed reminds me of spiderwebs. However, this hint of spiderweb isn’t blatantly obvious, yet it is suggested by the construction of the sandal.

Hope you have enjoyed this look!

And as always, have a lovely day!
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