Super-Stylized: Batman

Hello my lovelies!
Here is the second edition of my Super-Stylized series. This time we tackle one of the biggest, most popular superheroes today, the Dark Knight! Seeing the Christian Bale version of Batman, his costume is very sharp and angular. So with this look, I stuck to a cocktail look with a structured black dress that is enhanced by some sharp statement accessories that embody that angular motif throughout the look.
Super-Stylized: Batman

DKNY cutout dress

Giuseppe Zanotti punk jewelry

Givenchy zips shoes

Spike jewelry

Hope you guys enjoy! And as always, have a lovely day!
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One thought on “Super-Stylized: Batman

  1. I really like the concept of taking exaggerated characters and images, and then turning them into real styles that anyone can wear. You do a great job of turning fantasy into function. Thank you for your inspiring posts. It’ll make shopping a little bit more fun for everyone.

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