Super-Stylized: The Hulk

Yet another edition of Super-Stylized! Today’s superhero inspiration is the Hulk! I decided to mix this look up a bit and throw the Hulk for a loop. The Hulk is all about being angry and in a rage. So what I did was I chose an A-line skirt and a fitted purple top to not only mix up his original color orientation, but also to make him very feminine and pretty. To accompany the top and bottom I chose a cork-wedge sandal in brown leather to recreate that earthy-quality the Hulk has and finished it off with gold and emerald accessories to mirror the Hulk’s dark green hair.
Super-Stylized: The Hulk

Knit top

Pleated skirt

Tory burch sandals
$160 –

And as always, have a lovely day!
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