Super-Stylized: Ironman

Here’s to another edition of Super Stylized! Today our focus is on Tony Stark’s iconic Ironman. As we all recall, Tony Stark lives in the lap of luxury with the finest clothes. So I thought to myself: if Tony Stark was a girl, how would she accessorize? TO THE MAX! I wanted to use the color scheme of gold and red – a combination that I have rarely tried myself, but I find to be quite a lovely pairing. The bow detailing on the top definitely says classy and sophisticated. And since it has more of a looser feel to it, I paired it with a dark red pencil skirt to balance the look. And since Miss Tonita Stark would have the finest of accessories, I gave her a Marc Jacobs red and gold watch and added some additional bangles of the same color scheme so that she can mix and match them any way she pleases. I don’t know about you, but I simply LOVE mixing and matching different bangles and bracelets to create an interesting pile of color and pattern down my arm. Just to not push the red/gold envelope too much, I opted for a simple black pump to finish it off. I hope you enjoy!
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