Product Review: Zevia

Zevia? What the heck is that, you ask? Well, in order to answer that question for you, let me tell you a story…

So back in my freshman year of college, I grew more and more dependent on Diet Pepsi. Since I knew that regular soda was terrible for you and was basically liquid calories, I thought having diet soda instead would prevent any real damage to my health.

Here’s where it gets a little scary. I grew sort of…addicted to diet soda. I mean, the stuff was practically pumping through my veins! I would have it whenever I would feel a sudden craving or wanted to feel full because the flavor was always satisfying to me, and the carbonation of the beverage kept my tummy full. But it got to the point where instead of opting for water, or tea I would always turn to diet soda. And I didn’t realize this at the time, but diet soda, although it is called diet soda, has some serious health risks.

  1. Kidney damage.  A 2009 Nurses’ Health Study of 3,256 women found a 30% drop in level of kidney function for participants who drank 2 or more servings of diet pop daily. This means that those who drank at least 2 cans, bottles or glasses of diet drinks daily had 30% less kidney blood filtering ability than those who drank regular sodas or other drinks. The kidney function decline was noted even when consideration was made of other factors which may have affected participants, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.Why does diet soda harm the kidneys? Evidence is still coming in, but it’s thought that the sweeteners used in diet soda may scar kidney tissue over time.
  2. Weight Gain.  Perhaps surprising, but true: studies have tied diet soda consumption to an increased risk of obesity. In fact, a 2005 University of Texas Health Science Center study found a 57.1% risk of obesity for those drinking more than two daily servings of diet pop.How could a zero-calorie drink raise your risk of obesity? Researchers have a few theories. Some people may feel that drinking diet soda gives them a “free pass” to eat more foods that may not be so low in calories, thereby leading to weight gain. Another theory posits that the sweet taste of diet pop alerts our digestive system that high-calorie foods are coming. When they don’t, our bodies are confused and our appetite increases in anticipation of the food it’s expecting.
  3. Tooth Enamel Damage.  Soda is hard on tooth enamel, with the sugar and acid being the most problematic ingredients. Diet soda eliminates the sugar, but not the acid content of pop. Most of us are familiar enough with acid that we can imagine its impact on our tooth enamel, which is the main barrier our teeth have against decay.Phosphoric acid is found in many diet sodas, and its purpose is to promote carbonation. But it also erodes tooth enamel. Check your favorite diet drink to see whether it contains phosphoric acid; generally, darker colas are more likely to contain it than lighter diet drinks.Citric acid is another ingredient added to many diet sodas in order to preserve carbonation. Like phosphoric acid, it eats away at your tooth enamel. If you can’t give up your diet soda habit, try sipping it through a straw in order to reduce its contact with your teeth.
  4. Bone Loss.  Drinking diet soda can also lead to bone loss. This is because the phosphoric acid in the soda causes calcium in your bloodstream to be excreted more quickly than normal through urine. Your bones then give up some of their calcium in order to keep the bloodstream calcium level constant.(Info courtesy of

So now that you can see how incredibly harmful diet drinks are to anyone’s well-being. But here is where things get good. While walking around Whole Foods one day I stumbled upon the soda aisle. I’ve been diet soda free since June of last year, and I wasn’t going to take any chances with other sodas, even if they were from Whole Foods. But then I saw the 6-packs of Zevia staring at me from the shelf. I mean, I knew of Stevia, the natural zero-calorie sweetener, but Zevia? What does that mean?

Basically, Zevia is a soda brand that makes their soda calorie AND sugar-free but not with any unnatural chemicals like in diet sodas that cause negative side-effects. Instead, they utilize two natural ingredients that make Zevia just as amazing as any soda you’ve tried: Stevia and Erythritol. Woah…that second one doesn’t sound too natural. But trust me…it is soooo natural. Erythritol is a natural component of fruits and vegetables and is classified as a sugar alcohol, even though it is neither sugar nor alcohol. It is derived from fruits and vegetables through a natural fermentation process, much like that of yogurt and has absolutely no calories and no effect on blood sugar.

And how does it taste…well, you’d have to look at my recyclables bin at my house to see how obsessed with this stuff I am. I LOVE IT! I can finally enjoy the bubbly awesomeness of soda without harmful side-effects. And they come in so many different flavors! (Black Cherry, Caffeine-Free Cola, Cherry Cola, Cola, Cream Soda, Dr. Zevia, Ginger Ale, Ginger Root Beer, Grape, Grapefruit Citrus, Lemon Lime Twist, Lime Cola, Mountain Zevia, Orange, and Strawberry)

Mind you, that Zevia is kind of pricy. For about $6 for a 6-pack it is relatively more expensive than your average soda. But hey, if you want to maintain your health in the long-run and cannot give up your love of the fizzy stuff, Zevia can be your savior!

As always, have a lovely day!


Men’s Perspective…On Women’s Bodies

Here are some fun facts about men and their perspective on women’s bodies. Enjoy!

78% of men would rather date a confident plus-sized woman than an insecure supermodel

“My favorite part of a woman’s body is…”

Her butt: 22%
Her chest: 17%
Her legs: 7%
Her face/eyes: 15%
Other: 10%
The whole package: 29%

Your girlfriend/wife calls herself fat. React.

“What the heck? She’s gorgeous. I’m with her, after all”   28%

“We all have insecurities. I’d try to help her feel better”   61%

“If that inspires her to improve herself, I’m all for it”   11%

You generally find that women…

Have an accurate opinion of what they look like: 18%

Are overconfident about their looks: 10%

Should have more confidence in their bodies: 72%

My ideal female body type is…

Athletic and ripped, like Cameron Diaz: 8%

Super skinny, like Zoe Saldana: 2%

Fit, but womanly, like Jennifer Lawrence: 34%

Very curvy, like Christina Hendricks: 18%

A fuller figure, like Melissa McCarthy: 3%

Cute and compact, like Rachel Bilson: 17%

ALL OF ‘EM! 18%

…and have you ever dated a woman who didn’t have that body type?

Yes: 84%

No: 16%

Do you compare women’s bodies to the ones you see in magazines?

Yes, I can’t help it: 14%

Probably subconsciously. But I try to remember that real women don’t have the benefit of good lighting and retouching: 51%

No. That’s just fantasy: 35%

Would you ever date a woman who is taller than you?

Yes: 70%

No: 30%

What gets your attention more?

How sexy a woman’s body is: 41%

How much confidence she carries with it: 59%

Neat statistics, right? Hope you enjoyed them! And as always, have a lovely day!

The Best Times to Eat!

While maintaining a healthy diet by eating the proper foods in proper portion sizes is crucial to your success, another factor that plays an important role is the TIME that you eat those healthy foods. Eating the appropriate foods and the right times will keep your metabolic rate at its maximum burning rate, allowing you to burn more fat from your body.

Here’s my first tip: Try to eat every 3-4 hours. I know this is somewhat difficult for most people because we are constantly on the go and barely have the time in our schedules for a full meal. However, eating smaller meals at this rate is crucial to your metabolic health because it will keep your inner engine running properly and will release hormones in your body that allows you to control your appetite.

You guys know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? RIGHT? I cannot tell you how many friends I have who simply do not eat breakfast because they say they are either not hungry or just don’t have the time. But seriously, eating breakfast within an hour of waking up is SO IMPORTANT. When you skip breakfast, you lose its stimulating benefits on your metabolic rate. You also become more likely to eat unbalanced meals, more calories, and larger amounts of saturated fat throughout the day. Plenty of research shows that those of us who skip breakfast are actually heavier.

You should start your day with more protein-based foods than anything else. They will help to stabilize your blood sugar and to keep you feeling satisfied all day.

Another important tip is to not eat 3 hours before you go to sleep. Why? Eating too close to bedtime raises your body temperature, increases blood sugar and insulin, prevents the release of melatonin, and cuts down on growth hormone release. All these factors interfere with the quality of your sleep and the natural fat-burning benefits of a good night’s rest.

Eating after working out is also a very important habit to have. After you are done working out, your body is begging for nutrients and calories to refuel. When you are moving your body on a machine or lifting weights, you are basically ripping your muscles (only slightly, no worries guys) and as soon as you are done working out, your muscles begin the restoration process. And the absolute best food to give your body after a workout is anything with PROTEIN! Protein is essential to muscle growth and overall well-being in your body.

I hope these tips will help you gain more control in your eating habits and allow you to feel more satisfied more often with the meals you are eating. As always, have a lovely day!

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The Easy-Peasy Guide to Cardio!

Hello my lovelies! Just wanted to show you another infographic that I found detailing how to use either a treadmill, elliptical, stairmaster, etc to achieve the results you want in your body whether it is to slim down or to get more muscle. I will admit that the ‘Bulk Up’ category of this is a bit over-exaggerated…but it’s all in good humor. You get what the creator is trying to say. Enjoy! 🙂

No-Frills Guide to Cardio!


To all my avid sushi lovers out there. HEAR ME OUT! How do you know that sushi roll you just bought at Stop and Shop or at your favorite food court at the mall is safe? Remember, sushi IS raw fish…so whenever you consume anything raw, keep in mind that you are taking a bit of a risk with your health. But is all lost? Is convenience store sushi safe?

The people who are making this sushi are most likely not right there in front handing out their hand-made sushi combos. It is probably an outside facility providing it. The largest supplier of this kind is named Fuji Food Products, who ships sushi to some Target, Walgreens, and Trader Joe’s locations. Although Fuji’s factories have been approved by the FDA, it would be a safer bet to buy your sushi fresh. Whenever I buy sushi that isn’t from a restaurant, I opt for Whole Foods Genji Express. Their sushi chefs are right there making your rolls right in front of your eyes. Plus, Whole Foods is amazing…just thought of throwing that out there… 😉

Turns out that whether or not convenience sushi is made in-house of by a machine, it isn’t any more dangerous than potato salad, cold cuts, or other pre-packaged goods. I mean…think about how many more issues we have with E. coli and salmonella in our burgers and chicken.

But just so you guys are feeling confident in your sushi selection…check out these tips when buying convenience sushi:

  1. Take a look. You can tell a lot about the freshness of a sushi roll just by looking at it. Try to look for fish that has a natural, glistening quality to it. Nothing worse than dried-up sushi, right?
  2. Is it being refridgerated? The FDA has made it mandatory for sushi that is being sold by convenience stores to be refrigerated. If it is not, DON’T BUY IT.
  3. Check that date! Do not…and I mean it…DO NOT EVEREVEREVER eat sushi past the printed date on the sticker. Normally, refrigerated fish is good for about 3 days. If sushi is cooked, that period can be extended to a week. But seriously, do I even have to explain why you shouldn’t eat sushi after its expiration date? Really?

So that’s it, my lovelies! Have a lovely day, and practice safe sushi!

The Mysterious Grapefruit…Does It Really Make You Slim?

Remember that fad diet that celebs used to (or maybe still) swear to in order to drop the unwanted flab? The one that promised eating grapefruit for all main meals of the day would ultimately give you your dream body? Well…I am certainly not giving that method my blessing. In fact, I am an avid hater of fad diets for one main reason. THEY DO NOT WORK. I mean, sure…they will work in the short term, but as has been said by many of bloggers before me, you will gain all that weight right back. No way around it.

But that doesn’t mean that the grapefruit doesn’t offer some significant health benefits when incorporated properly into one’s diet. According to a collection of data from 2003 to 2008, on average, women who consumed any amount of grapefruit or grapefruit juice weighed nearly 10 pounds less and had a 6 percent lower body mass index (BMI) than those who didn’t. Pretty cool, right?

One major reason for this is that grapefruit (similarly to many other fruits and veggies) contain high levels of water, making you feel fuller and more satisfied on less calories.

Not a huge grapefruit fan? Try to incorporate more foods like cucumber or watermelon that have high water content. Foods packed with H20 could have a similar effect as grapefruit on your diet.

As always, have a lovely day!

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Panty Raid!

Hello my lovelies! I know I just recently talked about Victoria’s Secret Dresses but…after finishing up with my day, I decided to stroll on into my local Vicky’s to scope out the panty situation. I mean come on…how could I resist? An amazing quote from one of my besties…you can never have enough VS panties!!! They come in so many varieties and colors and can have lace, glitter, the whole SHA-BANG! And of course I walked out of there with 5 new pairs because there was a sale, 5 for $26 which is pretty nice since they are all priced normally around 9 bucks. And since showing off my booty to the WordPress community isn’t the best idea, I’m going to post some pics of my faves! Hope you enjoy!

Okay…so I wasn’t very adventurous with my selection. They are all what are called hipsters meaning they are supposed to end right at your hip. Plus…they always make your bum look REALLY good!

I am a huge fan of lace details so it shouldn’t be a surprise that 3 out of these 6 that are in the slideshow actually have a lace band around the top. They are pretty much the same style, the same fit, just with different colors and sayings on the back. I LOVE the baby pink! The green panty I adore because I love when the panties say something that is really out there and exudes confidence (exuding confidence off your booty!) You’ll definitely get that message across. Following that is just a leopard printed panty because I realized that I have absolutely zero animal print undergarments…well…with the exception of a bra…also from VS. So I opted for the animal print…you can never go wrong!

Okay, so the one with all the sequins and the lace…yeah. I actually bought it. It was a bit of an impulse buy. Sort of one of those days when you walk into a VS feeling all confident and you say to yourself, “Self, you need some scandalous underwear!” And with a little bit of prompting, I was standing in line with this bedazzled bottom. But when I wore it, I felt so glamorous. But in all honestly, I don’t even know if I could wear this out because it is so delicate. Only on special occasions 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But anyhoozles, enjoy the gallery of panties and I’ll talk to you later! Have a lovely day!