Featured Shop: Old Navy

Where to start? Old Navy is an American clothing brand as well as a chain of stores owned by Gap Inc. (Ever wondered why on their website they have buttons for Gap, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Athleta? They are all owned by Gap Inc.) I would say that Old Navy is my go-to place to find closet essentials that are good quality and are reasonably priced. And you don’t have to sacrifice style for low prices. Along with layering basics, they also offer cute and stylish prints and a wide variety of cuts and styles. They even have sections of the store dedicated to young children and moms-to-be. Here are some picks of mine that I have tried on myself in the store that are on my wishlist. (Eh, mindless shopping at Old Navy without actually buying anything? Quite the money-saver!)

Such a cute top! I am a huge fan of animal prints, and Old Navy has taken this leopard print and put it into a shirt that is very versatile and can be worn with anything from black skinny jeans to a waist-hugging skirt. Not only does it look super-cute, but it is also quite comfortable! I always notice with Old Navy products that they are always made in very comfortable fabrics that breathe easily.

Recently, Old Navy has been on a skinny-jean rampage, reinventing their ‘Rockstar’ jean and making them in nearly 12 different colors! Talk about making a statement!

Oh my gosh! A stylish black leather jacket that is under 45 dollars? Sign me up! I’ve been looking for the longest time for a girly-leather jacket that is fitted and flattering that doesn’t break the bank. AMAZING! Plus, this jacket also comes in tan and charcoal gray if black is too harsh a look for you.

Graphic tees GALORE! I cannot tell you how many graphic tees I buy whenever I come to Old Navy. There is always a design that appeals to me, and something that I really appreciate Old Navy does is they keep with the times. In other words, they will make tee-shirts representing things or events that are current and popular in society today. For example, they make a TON of shirts for the 2012 Olympics (look above) and at the start of the week leading up to The Dark Knight, Old Navy released special tees with Batman signs on them in black, gray, and purple.

As always, have a lovely day!

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