How to Find Some Killer Confidence!


Been feeling down on yourself lately? I certainly have. I have noticed that over the past few weeks or so, my self confidence has definitely been in the dumps. Ever since I was in middle school I have never really been one for self-esteem and have always found excuse after excuse to bring myself down, whether it is something to do with schoolwork, work-work, and especially with body image. That’s the biggie. It is definitely something that most girls strive to find inner peace with. But as most girls and women do, I tend to always focus on parts of myself that I do not like, that people would barely even notice. It’s just in our nature, I suppose. Although I am not perfect, I’d like to think that I am striving to be the best ME that I can be, and that is all that matters. So…without further ado, here are some tips that I have to gain some killer confidence (tips that I most definitely will follow myself over these next few weeks!)

1. Sport your favorite outfit…and ROCK IT!


In my experience, if I am wearing something like a fitted skirt or a dress that really accentuates my figure in the right way, my body confidence will increase ten-fold! It’s astounding how much of a difference there is in my own eyes…but I suppose that is just my own self-doubt manifesting itself. Even if it isn’t a super-form-fitting body-con dress, you can still rock some confidence if you have another outfit that really makes you feel good about your body. Whip open your closet and just go to town mixing and matching outfits. Then run to your mirror and give yourself your own mini fashion show. Try it out!

2. Exercise!

Does Exercise Help Increase Confidence?

Any form of exercise produces biochemical changes in your body that boost your mood and your confidence. Those endorphins are your friend, bay-bee! Even if you don’t want to run on a treadmill, have yourself a dance party! Crank on that Carly Rae Jepsen and have a ball!

3. Sit up straight!


Sitting up straight and having a better posture in general makes you appear strong and determined. Improving your posture has the power to erase self-doubt from your thoughts.

4. Wear RED!

red dress

Red is one of those magical colors that draws men to you. No joke…seriously. Why do you think us girls wear red on Valentine’s Day? Because we know we look damn good in it! For Valentine’s Day this past year I wore a red jersey ruched dress from Victoria’s Secret. And trust me, I got some good reactions…and a boatload of confidence!

5. Set yourself some goals…small ones.

Achieve goals

We’re not talking about running a marathon or climbing Mt. Everest. Something simple like telling yourself you’ll organize your closet this week, or trying to learn a new recipe to make for your family/partner. Once you have your goal…NAIL IT! Eureka! Confidence.

I hope you guys try some of these tips and put them to good use. I will most definitely them myself, and will hopefully reap the benefits!

As always, have a lovely day!

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