Going Paleo?

Hey y’all! Have you ever heard of the Paleo Diet? No? Well, here’s the scoop: basically you eat like our Paleolithic ancestors who would eat only the essentials: lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil, fish oil and grass-fed meat). My parents and I do the Paleo Diet…most of the time. Here is the catch: 80% of the time you are on point with your diet, and the other 20% you can devote to your favorite foods that may not be Paleo (dairy, grains, processed foods/sugars, legumes, starches, alcohol). Sounds good, right? It’s a good way to reboot your system if you’ve been feeling frumpy lately. In order to help in explaining the Paleo Diet in more detail, I have enlisted the help of my darling Pinterest. Enjoy!



Check out this website here for more information.

As always, have a lovely day!

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3 thoughts on “Going Paleo?

  1. I LOVE that infographic. I’m constantly trying to explain to people my diet constraints and saying “I eat like a caveman” doesn’t work. Thanks!

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