Panty Raid!

Hello my lovelies! I know I just recently talked about Victoria’s Secret Dresses but…after finishing up with my day, I decided to stroll on into my local Vicky’s to scope out the panty situation. I mean come on…how could I resist? An amazing quote from one of my besties…you can never have enough VS panties!!! They come in so many varieties and colors and can have lace, glitter, the whole SHA-BANG! And of course I walked out of there with 5 new pairs because there was a sale, 5 for $26 which is pretty nice since they are all priced normally around 9 bucks. And since showing off my booty to the WordPress community isn’t the best idea, I’m going to post some pics of my faves! Hope you enjoy!

Okay…so I wasn’t very adventurous with my selection. They are all what are called hipsters meaning they are supposed to end right at your hip. Plus…they always make your bum look REALLY good!

I am a huge fan of lace details so it shouldn’t be a surprise that 3 out of these 6 that are in the slideshow actually have a lace band around the top. They are pretty much the same style, the same fit, just with different colors and sayings on the back. I LOVE the baby pink! The green panty I adore because I love when the panties say something that is really out there and exudes confidence (exuding confidence off your booty!) You’ll definitely get that message across. Following that is just a leopard printed panty because I realized that I have absolutely zero animal print undergarments…well…with the exception of a bra…also from VS. So I opted for the animal print…you can never go wrong!

Okay, so the one with all the sequins and the lace…yeah. I actually bought it. It was a bit of an impulse buy. Sort of one of those days when you walk into a VS feeling all confident and you say to yourself, “Self, you need some scandalous underwear!” And with a little bit of prompting, I was standing in line with this bedazzled bottom. But when I wore it, I felt so glamorous. But in all honestly, I don’t even know if I could wear this out because it is so delicate. Only on special occasions 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But anyhoozles, enjoy the gallery of panties and I’ll talk to you later! Have a lovely day!


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