To all my avid sushi lovers out there. HEAR ME OUT! How do you know that sushi roll you just bought at Stop and Shop or at your favorite food court at the mall is safe? Remember, sushi IS raw fish…so whenever you consume anything raw, keep in mind that you are taking a bit of a risk with your health. But is all lost? Is convenience store sushi safe?

The people who are making this sushi are most likely not right there in front handing out their hand-made sushi combos. It is probably an outside facility providing it. The largest supplier of this kind is named Fuji Food Products, who ships sushi to some Target, Walgreens, and Trader Joe’s locations. Although Fuji’s factories have been approved by the FDA, it would be a safer bet to buy your sushi fresh. Whenever I buy sushi that isn’t from a restaurant, I opt for Whole Foods Genji Express. Their sushi chefs are right there making your rolls right in front of your eyes. Plus, Whole Foods is amazing…just thought of throwing that out there… 😉

Turns out that whether or not convenience sushi is made in-house of by a machine, it isn’t any more dangerous than potato salad, cold cuts, or other pre-packaged goods. I mean…think about how many more issues we have with E. coli and salmonella in our burgers and chicken.

But just so you guys are feeling confident in your sushi selection…check out these tips when buying convenience sushi:

  1. Take a look. You can tell a lot about the freshness of a sushi roll just by looking at it. Try to look for fish that has a natural, glistening quality to it. Nothing worse than dried-up sushi, right?
  2. Is it being refridgerated? The FDA has made it mandatory for sushi that is being sold by convenience stores to be refrigerated. If it is not, DON’T BUY IT.
  3. Check that date! Do not…and I mean it…DO NOT EVEREVEREVER eat sushi past the printed date on the sticker. Normally, refrigerated fish is good for about 3 days. If sushi is cooked, that period can be extended to a week. But seriously, do I even have to explain why you shouldn’t eat sushi after its expiration date? Really?

So that’s it, my lovelies! Have a lovely day, and practice safe sushi!


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