A much needed update…

Hello lovelies!

It has been a while…about 2 weeks, if I’m not mistaken? Since the end of August I’ve been readjusting to college life and my schedule, yet again, is hectic as usual. With my art history major almost completed, I am taking on a new mission: to complete a minor in Business and Management. I’ve spoken with my advisers on the matter, and from what I’ve gathered, it is very probable that I will complete the minor in my 2 remaining years at college. Hooray! I’ve always wanted to find a job post-college somewhere in the art world whether that be working in an art museum, or my preferred route, at an art auction house.

I have also been somewhat stressing about my upcoming semester abroad in London. I am in the midst of writing my application and meeting with my advisers to make sure that I am accepted and am able to transfer the credits I need to complete my major/minor that I take there. So exciting!

So along with all of this schoolwork, I am also trying to keep up my fitness regimen. As you guys have seen before, especially in the summer when I worked at the fitness camp, my posts became more in the health/fitness category than the fashion/style one. But the reason for that is that at work we are required to wear work out attire. And as much as I am a fan of workout gear and accessories, I would have much preferred to share more actual outfits that reflect my style. Luckily for me, my running routine are easily adaptable to my college environment and I run outside in the mornings down a lovely residential area. I have started taking photos of myself post-workout like one of my other favorite bloggers, TrulyJess, to keep me accountable and on track. Because as we all know…college is one of the easiest places to lose your footing and to fall of the wagon in terms of healthy living.

Rockin’ the sweaty-look…

But I just wanted to update you on what has been happening lately in my life, since I’ve been out of the loop and out of communication for a while. Look forward to some new content coming soon!

As always, have a lovely day.


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