New internships, new experiences!

Hello my lovely readers!

This week has been particularly special because after a long search for an internship in the museum-field and a lot of denials, I was finally accepted to be a part-time intern at the Attleboro Art Museum in Attleboro, Massachusetts. SO EXCITING!

Last semester I had a really tough time trying to land an internship. If you don’t know already, I am an art history major at school, and I am hoping to take my post-undergrad career in the path of doing museum/gallery work. If possible, I would also love to take my Business and Management minor and find a job at an auction house. Sotheby’s anyone??

There would be a viscous cycle of me sending in my resume to certain galleries in Boston (to be left anonymous) and I would consistently get a call back from them saying that they would love to meet and interview me. And of course, being so enthusiastic and bubbly and leaping at any offer they made, I made it a habit of traveling to and from Boston nearly every weekend to go to interviews. However, it would always end with “sorry, you’re awesome, but we chose someone else”. Normally I can let these denials slide and not effect me…but after a while it took a huge toll. I honestly got a little depressed and felt like all I was doing to succeed wasn’t worth it. After a while of this, I sort of gave up and ended up going back to my regular summer job of working at a kids camp in the arts. A great job, pays really well, but I really want to move on and find employment in the field I am actually studying.

But thank GOD for my school’s Career Services department. One of my advisers sent me an email about the Attleboro Art Museum and I sent my resume right away. Turns out, the woman in charge has had a lot of experience working with students from my college. I immediately got a call from her the next day and we scheduled an interview. The day I spoke with her, got the full tour of the museum and I was told that day that I got it. Finally…FINALLY the work pays off. I think the following image really applies for me here:

But after my lovely talk with my new boss, I was sent off to explore the museum and the current exhibition they have there called 8 Visions. It was really fascinating. It was a collection of works by 8 separate artists that were selected by a jury…that happened to be all women! Throughout the main gallery, there were these intricate looking dresses that were displayed. And of course, I could not leave there with out taking pictures, knowing that I would have to blog about them later. 😉

Here are some pics of some highlights:

As always, have a lovely day!


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