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Hey y’all! It’s been a while. School has definitely been taking a toll on me. And it has most definitely inhibited me from having time to blog. Which is quite sad…but I assure you that once October gets started, I will be back to a somewhat, regular weekly schedule instead of a daily one. But…without further adieu…

Here is an awesome little graphic I found on my FAVORITE site. Pinterest. Seriously…if you haven’t heard of it, check it out. In my opinion, it’s like the girlie-version of Reddit. 🙂


The Best Times to Eat!

While maintaining a healthy diet by eating the proper foods in proper portion sizes is crucial to your success, another factor that plays an important role is the TIME that you eat those healthy foods. Eating the appropriate foods and the right times will keep your metabolic rate at its maximum burning rate, allowing you to burn more fat from your body.

Here’s my first tip: Try to eat every 3-4 hours. I know this is somewhat difficult for most people because we are constantly on the go and barely have the time in our schedules for a full meal. However, eating smaller meals at this rate is crucial to your metabolic health because it will keep your inner engine running properly and will release hormones in your body that allows you to control your appetite.

You guys know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? RIGHT? I cannot tell you how many friends I have who simply do not eat breakfast because they say they are either not hungry or just don’t have the time. But seriously, eating breakfast within an hour of waking up is SO IMPORTANT. When you skip breakfast, you lose its stimulating benefits on your metabolic rate. You also become more likely to eat unbalanced meals, more calories, and larger amounts of saturated fat throughout the day. Plenty of research shows that those of us who skip breakfast are actually heavier.

You should start your day with more protein-based foods than anything else. They will help to stabilize your blood sugar and to keep you feeling satisfied all day.

Another important tip is to not eat 3 hours before you go to sleep. Why? Eating too close to bedtime raises your body temperature, increases blood sugar and insulin, prevents the release of melatonin, and cuts down on growth hormone release. All these factors interfere with the quality of your sleep and the natural fat-burning benefits of a good night’s rest.

Eating after working out is also a very important habit to have. After you are done working out, your body is begging for nutrients and calories to refuel. When you are moving your body on a machine or lifting weights, you are basically ripping your muscles (only slightly, no worries guys) and as soon as you are done working out, your muscles begin the restoration process. And the absolute best food to give your body after a workout is anything with PROTEIN! Protein is essential to muscle growth and overall well-being in your body.

I hope these tips will help you gain more control in your eating habits and allow you to feel more satisfied more often with the meals you are eating. As always, have a lovely day!

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The Do’s and Don’t’s of Frozen Yogurt

One of my absolute favorite sweet treats that I indulge in every once in a while is frozen yogurt! I am completely in LOVE with places like Red Mango, Pinkberry, 16 Handles, etc. If you choose the right type of yogurt (low fat/non fat) and decorate the top of your pile with the right toppings, then you will prevent yourself from falling into the pitfalls that most of us do while engaging in DIY frozen yogurt. You know what I mean…especially at Red Mango where it is self-served and they price it by weight, you have complete control over the amount of yogurt and the healthiness of the toppings. Check out these tips below to avoid making unhealthy choices at your next fro-yo extravaganza:


My favorite part of getting frozen yogurt is that unlike most ice cream places that only serve sugary toppings, places like Red Mango offers you a variety of fresh fruit. If you are looking for the best, go for berries. The skin of the berries make up most of the surface area, therefore offering you more fiber which will satisfy you better than fruits doused in sugary syrups. Also, dried fruit has a lot more calories as opposed to fresh fruit. So if you are a die-hard coconut fan like me, try for just a teaspoon of it instead of creating a raging blizzard in your cup.


Okay…okay…the obvious choice you’d make if you weren’t worried about maintaining a healthy diet would be CANDY! I for one would gun for the delish Reese’s bits. But if you are trying not to splurge on your favorite sweet treats, try this trick: some frozen yogurt places offer dark chocolate chips, which actually offer some health benefits if consumed in small amounts. Not only that, but it can help you tame those cravings!


A lot of my friends love them some Oreo cookie crumbles sprinkled on top of their fro-yo. Which, in all reality, will only cost you about 30-50 calories depending on your definition of “sprinkle”. However, if you are looking to replace the fats in cookies with some more healthier fats, opt for sliced almonds or any other kind of nuts which will provide you with good nutrients and some added crunch to your snack. But beware…make sure you only add about a tablespoon or so of nuts to your fro-yo. While nuts are good for you, they are very caloric, and those calories can add up!

Syrups…Cereals…Cookie bits…OH MY

Okay…so it is obvious that these three toppings are not the most healthy options. And that’s because…THEY’RE NOT. No getting around it, folks. Just pure sugar. Just think, the sugars in these toppings offer you absolutely NO health benefits…it’s just sugar in its most simplest form.

Well, I hope this has helped you in your quest to develop a healthy snack option that also satisfies a sweet tooth. Because…in all reality…everyone loves a little sweetness in their life. 😉

As always, have a lovely day!

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Foods For a Longer Life

Your body is your temple. (A phrase we hear a lot when it comes to food). But in the long-run, this saying definitely holds true. If you fill your body with the wrong things, you are setting yourself up for a more miserable way of living in the future. However, if you stick to a healthy balance in your diet and use food more as fuel for your body rather than a luxury, then you will extend your life expectancy and live a longer, much happier life. Trust me. Here are some foods that can help you in your journey of a healthier, longer life.

Green Tea

Teas are the perfect source of antioxidants that lead to lower body weights and waistlines. Why? It is said to increase your metabolic rate.


Vampires beware! Italians…rejoice! Garlic produces a chemical called allicin that acts as a defense against pests, but inside in your body it fights cancer, strengthens your cardiovascular system, decreases fat storage, and fights acne inflammation.


The grapefruit-a-day philosophy is a great way to shed poundage while extending your life expectancy! Even a moderate increase in grapefruit intake should yield results, not to mention earn you a massive dose of the cancer-preventing antioxidant, lycopene.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is different from regular yogurt because it has been strained to remove excessive sugars and increase the concentration of protein by as much as three times. This means that you will feel fuller longer and will be more satiated.


Don’t fear fats, people! Avocado is one of the healthiest sources of fat out there that are definitely beneficial to your body! The healthy fats in avocados are known as monounsaturated fats. They are known to improve your cholesterol profile and decrease the amount of triglycerides (fats) in your blood. That can lower your risk of stroke and heart disease.


Eggs are the perfect breakfast that is packed with protein and loads of vital nutrients.


Quinoa contains more nutrients than any grain you could find. It has about twice as much fiber and protein as brown rice, and those proteins have the perfect blend of amino acids, the building blocks that your body uses to create new proteins in your body.

Bell Peppers

All peppers are loaded with antioxidants. The range of benefits provided by these colorful pigments include improved immune function, better communication between cells, protection against sun damage, and a diminished risk for several types of cancer.


Almonds contain the heart-healthy oleic acid which is known to be responsible for a flurry of health benefits, the most recent of which is improved memory.

As always, have a lovely day!

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6 Ways to Curb Those Cravings!


We all know the set-up. It’s 2 pm, you’re watching your favorite shows on Netflix, not a care in the world. Then…all of a sudden you realize there are some Girl Scout Thin Mints calling your name in the pantry. As much as you’ve tried to keep a healthy balance in your diet, your desire to satisfy your cravings can seem overpowering at times. What’s the secret? Well, there’s keeping yourself fuller longer by eating 5 to 6 snack-sized meals a day, but here are some additional tips for helping you to banish those cravings!

Create a distraction


Before you grab that big bag of Lays potato chips, take a second to sit down and distract yourself. Write a To-Do list, make a phone call to your friend, play dress-up with your closet, (or my personal favorite, paint your nails!) This way, your mind is swayed away from thoughts of your favorite salty snacks.

Damage-control your pantry


If you still keep a bag of chocolate-covered pretzels in your pantry, even if it’s hidden behind more healthier choices, it’s still there, and you will munch on it eventually. That’s why you should damage-control your environment by stocking your shelves with more fresh fruits and vegetables and snacks with higher protein, fiber, and healthy fats to prevent future splurging.

Always have water on hand


Most of the time, when we have cravings it is a signal to us that we are actually thirsty, not hungry. Before giving into cravings, pour yourself a glass of ice-cold water and watch your cravings diminish. You’ll be very surprised at how effective this method can be. You can even go out and buy a snazzy-chic new water bottle!

Brush your teeth


This method is an excellent way to prevent you from giving into your temptations. Just give yourself a good teeth cleaning, or even just pop a mint or a piece of minty gum. The minty taste will eliminate the desire to munch on something salty or sweet. Have you ever tried eating something immediately after brushing your teeth? YUCK-A-DOO!



One of my favorite methods to eliminate unwanted cravings is to go for a run. After I’m done with work and I have nothing to do, I once in a while will have a sudden temptation for something sweet. That’s when I normally walk across the hall to the gym and run for at least a half hour. With the rush of endorphins, you’ll feel better about yourself and your cravings will be eliminated.

Let it pass


This is probably one of the most difficult methods to getting rid of cravings. It’s all about being patient. One thing you must consider when dealing with cravings is whether or not you are actually hungry, or if you’re simply bored. Take a second, sit and think about how you are really feeling. Are you actually, physically hungry? Is your stomach growling, actively asking for food? Or are you just experiencing a craving? Waiting it out does seem frustrating, but after 5 or 10 minutes see how you feel. If you let the feeling pass, and acknowledge that it is just a craving and not an actual hunger signal, you won’t fall of the wagon!

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The Fat-Burning Dozen!

Looking to super-charge your diet and health regime? Try these 12 foods to scorch that unwanted fat.

1. Citrus fruits

2. Wild Salmon

3. Walnuts


4. Eggs

5. Quinoa

6. Avocado

7. Artichokes

8. Lentils

9. Blackberries

10. Yogurt

11. Dark leafy greens (like spinach or kale)

12. Coffee (praise the Lord that this is on the list, right?)

My Week in NYC Part 1

Hey guys! Finals week is over WOOHOO! My boyfriend and I had our last final on the very last day of finals week at 2:30 pm. And by then…the entire campus was dead. But after a long drive we finally made it to NYC! I will be staying here for about a week to celebrate Eric’s (my boyfriend) birthday.

So while I am here I will be blogging about all of the amazing restaurants, shops, boutiques, etc that I find here in NYC. I’ve only been here about 2 days, and I already have so much to talk about!

David’s Tea

This cute little tea shop is on 275 Bleecker St (between Jones St & Morton St) in Manhattan in the West Village. They were having a special for Mother’s Day where they were giving away free tea to any mothers. So sweet!

But this place was so adorable. They are reasonably priced, and they have an amazing selection of teas. Some of the standouts I saw were Pumpkin Chai, Ice Cream Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, and … Swampwater? Yuck-a-doo.

When you walk in, the shop resembles a bar with dozens and DOZENS of teas for you to choose from. And the workers let you choose whichever tea you want and smell them (which explains why we ended up staying so long!)

If you are an extreme tea-lover who wants high-quality tea for a reasonable price, David’s is the place to be. They even sell their own tea accessories like tea sets, pitchers, infusers, mugs, you name it!

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