Sugary Spotlight: Dylan’s Candy Bar

Sorry I’ve been a little out of touch the last few days…work at the fitness club is finally winding down and I even got to take a few days off, courtesy of my boss who wants me relax (and maybe decrease the payroll). The strangest thing is that even when I am not working, I still want to be proactive and to be doing something productive with my time. Unfortunately at my house our lousy router (A Dell router) has finally broken down and my parents are currently waiting for an angel from the magical heavens of Apple to descend and set up our new one. Therefore, I have to venture far away from Neverland in order to get Internet. Yet another reason why I haven’t been posting anything of significant content.

But thankfully I am chilling at the Hanover Mall where there is some wifi and I am typing away! If you didn’t hear via Facebook or Twitter, I visited my boyfriend last weekend and BOY oh BOY that was very fun. It’s amazing how much fun you can still have with someone even if you’ve been with them for such a long time. Of course, being an avid sugar-addict, I had to make one particular pit-stop that always manages to satisfy my sweet-tooth. Dylan’s Candy Bar.

If you have never been to Dylan’s before…it’s an experience. You walk in and it’s like you are transported into a magical land with floor-to-ceiling candy. And EVERY CANDY IMAGINABLE!

Although it is quite crowded as you walk in, with all of the crazed tourists, once you walk around a bit, you’ll realize that the store is three floors. Did you get that? THREE FLOORS OF CANDY. Awesome. My dentist will love me for this. But you have endless possibilities for choices here. My favorite area to explore is the bulk candy area where you just grab a bag and choose as many types and pieces of candy you can ask for! I am personally addicted to gumballs. I know…not the first candy you’d think of when you are going through an endless selection…but I am ADDICTED to them. I could chew bubblegum all day. Although my jaw muscles would probably have something to say about that…

They don’t JUST sell candy by the way. Of course I had to get myself some goodies while I was bagging candy like it was going out of style.

Dylan’s sells everything from candy, to Dylan-branded clothing, to office supplies, to adorable candy pillows… a collection I’ve always wanted to start. (If you don’t know already…I am an avid collector. I had to make my final project for my college Museum Studies class about my outrageously huge Beanie Babies collection). But can you blame me? Look how cute they are!

Dylan’s Candy Bar also offers freshly dipped snacks from their famous chocolate fountain! I remember last time I was there taking a peep and having it dipped in their decadent chocolate and…OH MAN…it was taste-gasmic. It is definitely a must if you have not tried it yet. And who doesn’t like chocolate fondue, right?

Well…that’s it for me and Dylan’s Candy Bar…at least for this part of the year. I normally hit NYC around late Fall when my college offers free bus rides to and from NYC. So maybe next time I will have more to blog about Dylan’s.

Stay tuned for more reviews of places I hit in NYC this past weekend. And as always, have a lovely day!

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